Develops trading platforms based on blockchain technologies and AI systems

Out of the box solutions


software development company

WowProduct is a privately held company. It was created in 2012 by a group of like-minded believers who united to design innovative and non-standard products. 

The choice of this non-standard direction was due to the presence in the company of specialists of various orientations: professional participants in the securities market, specialists in the field of artificial intelligence, artists and designers of mobile applications, specialists in the field of users and other specific professions.

The company's employees are located and work in different parts of the world, but since 2019 the main office of the company has been in Estonia, one of the friendliest countries of the European Union, which does a lot for the development of IT technologies, helping software companies with favorable taxation conditions and a friendly attitude towards foreign investments. 

Primarily WowProduct is a software development company, mainly working on the creation of trading platforms and event forecasting systems.  

We can develop a product for you, according to your requirements and your technical specification.

If you do not have an exact technical specification, our specialists will develop it for you.

Save your time, order the product development from us!

Buy our product and we’ll help with the promotion of your project and, if necessary, with the integration of our product into the ecosystem of your company. 

We design our own products and sell them.

We try to make products with user-friendly settings, and at the same time, ample functionality, in which we build in our AI technologies with independent decision-making.

We launch projects based on our products; we unite in the projects all people who want to take part.

Every participant, investor, developer, owner of an advertising service, everyone who wants to contribute to the development of the project is important to us.

WowProduct is an open company, we need your capabilities and ready to share ours.

WowProduct - investment in technology.